Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Special Surprise

What I didn't know - 

She had been planning this for days. Observing me for weeks.

She had recruited my husband to be co-conspirator. And he obliged of course!

She had thought the details out and wanted to do her best. This meant she missed the original deadline. But hey, I didn't know about it so it didn't matter.

She took days to do this.... 
This then, is my birthday cake. It shows me blowing the shofar. Butterflies? That is my signature. They are special to me. I even have a website called Metamor4sis. 

Isn't this an awesome gift? Love the thoughtfulness, the detail, the kindness and love. 

And oh yes, they shouted "SURPRISE!" as I stepped out of the car that evening, unaware of the gift she was bearing in her hands.... Surprised indeed. 

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