Sunday, January 4, 2015

Wrong Turn Turned Out Right

Does this look like a strange photo to post? Permit me to tell you the story behind this.

We were navigating to a totally unknown area. None of the five passengers had been to this area. The electronic navigation wasn't clear. So at the very last minute, a decision was made to swing left instead of going ahead.

That left hand turn was a correct call! Phew!

Then, instead of turning right to get to the building we sought, we suddenly saw this - parking under a huge tree. It appeared to be free, and available. So we made our way over and voila! There was a parking space as if it was just waiting for us! 
We hopped out and made our way to the building concerned. There, we found a sale was going on! Just in time, for what we wanted. We had a short wait and then left with not only what we had gone for, but also a few smaller gifts.

It was a good example of how He makes all things work out for good. SO glad that none in the car were upset. SO glad for the seemingly wrong turn turning out right!

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