Sunday, May 19, 2013

Moth Musing Moments

There I was, feeling a bit off. Emotions a bit topsy turvy, thoughts going a little awry, and under pressure from many quarters. Dropping the ball here and there, apologising profusely as I go scrambling to pick them back up.

Then as I locked up one day, I saw this. On the glass door. I was arrested in my routine of closing up the place.

It was pitch black from where I was so the moth didn't notice me going up close with my camera. 

As I snapped the photo, it occurred to me that the moth was there for all to see, almost nakedly so. It stayed there, still and alone. But it was not out of place, nor did it seem afraid. It was quite settled there.

In the same way, sometimes what I do, and where I am positioned now, is quite public. And quite alone. Or seems that way. I can't expect anyone else to understand. No one else except God. 

And that should be enough. 

So I am comforted as I muse about this moth. I take a few more moments, thank the Lord, and then continue my way. 

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