Friday, July 19, 2013

The Prophetic Curve Ball

When you throw a curveball, figuratively, you confuse someone by doing something tricky or unexpected or you surprise someone with something that is difficult or unpleasant to deal with.

Well that's what happened to me. Indeed a difficult and unpleasant moment, and I was indeed taken by surprise. Coming unexpectedly and at the eleventh hour, I was definitely confused for a bit. It was not a phone call to be expected. To be told that one hundred people couldn't do something which I was given to understand that they could with no way to could stop..... My initial reaction was to put my head in my hands and almost groan.

But then even as I felt tears began to fall, I sought my Lord. And He answered me. The thought came as below.
A peace began to settle. 

I intentionally sent the sms out as a prophetic declaration. It was only to one person, but it was enough for me. In my spirit, I knew it would be all right.

And so it was. 

I am so thankful. For godly friends. For timely help. And especially for the Lord's amazing shalom. 

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